Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Avert your eyes all conservatives and "liberal" media

I have found it very interesting to observe the almost identical reactions of the conservatives ("media" and main line party members) and the "liberal" media (mostly TV) to the last 100 days of Obama. They are all falling all over themselves to complain about EVERYTHING that happens. They are all hyperventalating over the plane that took a "photo op". Do they really think that he knew about it and approved it? Why should he fire the guy who apparently (stupidly) approved the addition to a training motion--especially when I think of the republican operatives that have been given 2nd, 3rd and more chances after much worse errors. Now if he does something equally stupid again--then fire him. I love the duet of conservatives moaning about how he has already ruined the county by making it socialist (they need a serious history lesson) in combination with the liberals moaning because we are not yet at nirvana. To both--get a life!

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KAM said...

I tend to stay away from television news, but on vacation i watched a lot of CNN, Fox News and BBC, and was amazed that every media source has turned against Obama so quickly. As a libertarian, I don't agree with many of his ideas, but am still appalled that our country's media is so disgustingly biased after just a few weeks. I will now go back into my bubble!